Meet our staff.  



Lynn Wilson, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Lynn Wilson, Ph.D., BCBA-D was one of the first BCBA certificants in the state of California and has worked in the field of autism for over 20 years. She received her doctoral degree at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, one of the best universities for the study of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and was lucky to be able to work with the extraordinarily gifted and behavior analyst and teacher of Verbal Behavior, Jack Michael, Ph.D.

As a result of her training at WMU, she became dedicated to providing evidence-based ABA services. She is passionate about providing parents with a treatment that is not an anecdotal or self-proclaimed cure. Prior to her work at ABA & Verbal Behavior Group, she reviewed and evaluated hundreds of ABA programs and conducted scores of behavioral needs evaluations for children with autism as a consultant to San Diego Regional Center. This gave her an awareness and an aspiration to open her own agency to in an effort to provide effective and correctly-done ABA services to children with a diagnosis who critically need intervention. 

Chelsie Parent, M.S., BCBA
Clinical Program Manager

Chelsie was first introduced to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis while receiving her undergraduate degree in another field. Immediately drawn to ABA and helping children with autism, she decided to change her career path and hasn’t looked back.

She has been a devoted professional working with children with autism since 2009 in the home and school settings. Over the years she has helped children of a wide range of ages (0-18 yrs) and abilities. She is specifically interested in the area of Verbal Behavior and applying the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to improve functional communication.  She has both conducted and presented research on the topic at behavior analysis conferences.

Chelsie strives to involve parents in therapy, and provide them with training to manage and teach their children in the absence of therapists. Besides expanding the verbal repertoire in children, Chelsie excels in identifying what motivates children, decreasing food selectivity, potty training, and staff training.

She received her BS in Psychology from Northeastern University and her MS in Applied Behavior Analysis from Simmons College in Boston, MA. Chelsie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2014 and Clinical Supervisor for ABA&VBG since late 2013. 

Jessica Textoris, M.S., BCBA
Clinical Program Manager - Denver Office

Jessica is dedicated to teaching children communication through Verbal Behavior and applying the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to improve the life of each child and his or her family. Her passion and talent is to create lasting behavior changes through teaching parents and caregivers how to apply ABA strategies.

Jessica began working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis in 2000, through the Cleveland Clinic. She worked as an interventionist, providing in-home applied behavior analysis for children while receiving her undergraduate degree. Jessica went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Indianapolis.

After graduation, Jessica worked as a Behavior Consultant for Adults with dual diagnoses of Autism and mental health disabilities. As much as she enjoyed working with this population, her heart was in early intervention with young children. Jessica then moved to San Diego and once again provided in-home ABA while pursuing her BCBA credential. She earned her BCBA in 2012. She has been a supervisor with ABA&VBG since September of 2014.


Stacy Struhs, M.A., BCBA
Clinical Supervisor

Stacy first learned of ABA through an elective course at UCSD. She found herself completely absorbed by the material and fascinated by the breakdown and science of something as complex as human and verbal behavior. 

She sought a position as an ABA therapist after graduation in 2010 and quickly fell in love with the work and her clients. She has thorough experience with students ranging in age from infant to adult and in a variety of settings including school, home, and community.

Stacy aims to develop a strong sense of teamwork with both the families she serves as well as the staff she oversees. She feels that it is not only important to ensure the proper use of evidence-based ABA practices, but to be a strong source of support along the way. She received her M.A. in Special Education from San Diego State University in 2015. Stacy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2015 and has been an Assistant Clinical Supervisor with ABA and VB Group since early 2016.

Stephanie Paden, M.Ed., BCBA
Clinical Supervisor

Stephanie Paden moved to San Diego from Washington State.  She studied Speech and Hearing Sciences at Portland State University and proceeded to work in both elementary and secondary public schools within the special education department.  Passionate about working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, working in Applied Behavior Analysis was a natural fit. 

After years in the field working directly with families, Stephanie pursued her Masters in Education and became a Board Certified Behavior analyst 2016.  She aims make the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis attainable by involving parents in their children’s programs and building a strong foundation of skills for parents to use to teach their children both inside and outside of ABA sessions. Her passion is strengthening communication skills and the field of verbal behavior.  She has been working as a supervisor of Applied Behavior Analysis programs since 2015 and joined ABA and Verbal Behavior Group in 2017.


Jessica Keane, M.A., BCBA
Clinical Supervisor

Jessica Keane has had a passion for working with children for as long as she can remember. She earned her BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Post-graduation she worked as a behavioral interventionist in Sydney, Australia, where she collaborated with an interdisciplinary team consisting of Clinical Psychologists, Behavior Analysts, and Speech Pathologists. She gained valuable experience providing center-based services as well as services in the home and school settings for children with autism and other developmental disorders. She then returned to the United States to attend graduate school and further her career in Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Jessica received her Master’s in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in ABA from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. While pursuing her degree and BCBA certification, she received three years of clinical and research training in the Pediatric Feeding Disorder and Applied Behavior Analysis Center at UNCW. She has presented research on the topic at state and international behavior analysis conferences, and is working on publishing this research. 

In 2017, she became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and moved to San Diego, where she joined ABA & VB Group as a Clinical Supervisor. Jessica strives to ensure that caregivers not only feel supported, but also have a clear understanding of the principles of ABA. She loves working in a field that uses evidence-based practice to improve the lives of children with autism, and she is committed to every family with whom she works.


Michelle Felix, M.Ed., BCBA
Clinical Supervisor

Michelle Felix began her work with individuals diagnosed with developmental disorders in 2013, after graduating Bachelor of Science in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Arizona. Through previous work and volunteer experiences, Michelle knew she wanted to work with children and provide early intervention for children with developmental disorders. While working as an ABA behavior interventionist, she quickly realized she had found her life-long career and decided to pursue a graduate degree in the field.  While continuing to work full time, she completed her Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Applied Behavior Analysis, from Arizona State University in May 2017.

As a provider of ABA, she has served in a variety of clinical roles ranging from providing 1:1 behavior therapy to clients in the home, school, and community settings. Ms. Felix takes great pride in her work and always goes the extra mile at ABA and Verbal Behavior Group, striving to provide the most effective, comprehensive, and individualized services to her clients as possible. She appreciates the importance of using relevant and empirically validated treatment into her clinical practice, one of the missions of ABA & Verbal Behavior Group. She truly enjoys working side-by-side with parents as a team to help their child succeed. 

Michelle Nieves
Office Manager

Michelle received her B.A. in Liberal Studies from SDSU and has worked with children her entire life. Originally, her goal was to become a teacher, but after working in a classroom she realized that the best help a child can get starts in the home. So, she sought a position as a therapist and received her Registered Behavior Technician Certificate, while providing ABA services for families. It was a great accomplishment to see the difference she had made with each family and she was ready for more. She took a role in Administration, while continuing to provide services in the ABA field. Having the background of a Behavior Interventionist has magnified the knowledge and understanding needed to now be an efficient full time Office Manager for ABA & Verbal Behavior Group. 

Michelle is responsible for creating a smooth flow on the hectic scheduling world. She coordinates and communicates with clients, supervisors and staff. Her tremendous organization skills have helped create different forms of tracking and a more consistent workflow. Michelle effectively tracks authorizations in order to provide enough time to process renewals, is in charge of providing new hire orientation and more. 

Although she is now behind the scenes, Michelle continues to support families on a daily basis.