Applied Behavior Analysis

selecting the right toys for each child can be essential

selecting the right toys for each child can be essential

Behavior analysis is the scientific study of behavior.  Applied behavior analysis is the application of the principles and laws of behavior to socially significant areas.  Profound changes have occurred in the lives of many children diagnosed with Autism due to the use of ABA programming.  In this context, ABA involves breaking down and teaching basic skills that children with the diagnosis would not otherwise learn by using behavior analysis principles such as reinforcement, stimulus control, and establishing operations, and methods such as shaping, chaining, fading and differential reinforcement. 

Many other treatments and strategies are promoted for children with a diagnosis of Autism but ABA is the only treatment that has scientific backing.  The perspective taken at ABA & VB Group is that your child has the right to receive treatment that has been proven to be effective.  All treatments are individualized for your specific child and situation, using a combination of natural environment teaching, discrete trial and other formats based on ABA.     

Verbal Behavior

Verbal Behavior is a behavior analytic approach to language.  Many ABA curriculums are based on a traditional view of language rather than a behavior analysis approach.  The Verbal Behavior approach involves teaching children to use words (regardless of the modality - vocal, sign, device or pictures) so they can immediately be of use in their day-to-day life.  We teach children to have control over their environment with communication.  As with behavior analysis, verbal behavior is not a new method but is just gaining popularity due to the significant gains children can make with this approach.

We at ABA and VB group are proud to have the background and training to be able to evaluate and teach using this superior approach.  We use the VB- MAPP assessment and guide developed by Dr. Mark Sundberg and find it to be of unparalleled value in teaching children with autism.  Many insurance programs are requiring evaluation with the VB-MAPP, and at ABA and VB Group we are specialists in the administration of this assessment.   

Our Approach

At ABA & VB Group, we specialize in early intervention (ages 0-7) and we use evidence-based practices to target skill deficits and behavioral excesses associated with the diagnosis of autism. We provide 1:1 intervention using individualized approaches for each child.  

All treatments use the scientifically validated strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior to address language and communication deficits.  Language and communication are complex skills that are critical for the development of appropriate behaviors.  

For example, social interaction and compliance, behaviors that are typically deficient in children with a diagnosis of autism, are often revealed to be a result of language-based impairments.  Behavioral excesses (e.g. crying, whining, screaming or hitting) are also often related to language deficits.   

Our Mission

The mission of ABA & VB Group is to provide effective and efficient behavioral programming that will allow your child to make the maximum amount of progress in the shortest time possible while keeping intervention positive, fun and fresh.  

Motivation is the key to success and is the focus of our intervention services.  An emphasis on generalization of behavior gains across family members, situations, and places is another feature of ABA and Verbal Behavior Group that sets up children for success.  Our goal is to have both families and children grow and benefit from our services.